The MSP Institute has a broad network of experts and specialists that we bring together to work on our projects and activities.


Dr Minu Hemmati, Berlin, is a co-founder and a member of the MSP Institute, and working on individual projects as an associate of the organization.

Minu is a clinical psychologist with a doctorate in Organisational and Environmental Psychology. 1992-1998, she served as assistant professor at the University of the Saarland, Germany, focusing on social and environmental psychology and gender studies. Since 1998, she has been working as an independent advisor with NGOs; governments; international agencies; women’s networks; corporations; and research institutions. She has recently co-founded the MSP Institute.

Minu is focusing on transformation processes towards sustainable development, gender equity, and good governance. Her work includes designing, facilitating and coaching change processes that use dialogue and multi-stakeholder partnerships; leadership development; training and teaching; and research and advocacy on participation and on gender issues. She has wide experience with multi-stakeholder processes at all levels; facilitating a diversity of meeting formats for small and large groups; international policy-making on sustainable development and related issues; local and national level implementation; as well as evaluation in the field.

She has published two books and co-authored another, and written over 50 articles, book chapters, and reports.

Minu was a Board Member of EcoAgriculture Partners from 2005-2015, a co-founder of GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice, and is serving on the Jury of Swiss Re’s International ReSource Award. She was instrumental in setting up the SEED Initiative, co-coordinated the Stakeholder Implementation Conference and the Generative Change Community, and recently led the Climate Dialogue project. Her individual website is at

Contact: minu.hemmati(at)


Anna Bach is working as a project coordinator on the gender & chemicals project (May – Dec 2017), and supporting preparations for the workshop on Making MSPs work for the SDGs (July 2017).

Anna holds an MA in Political Science from the University of Bonn, Germany, and a Minor in Economics from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Her focus is on international relations, development, and extractive industries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Having worked for the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe and the Clinton Foundation, Anna is experienced in project and event management, administration, and public relations. With her long-term experience in the hotel and tourism industry, she also has ample experience in intercultural contexts.

As a team-member of the Climate Dialogue, a National Climate Initiative project initiated by the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUB), she supported multi-stakeholder dialogues on local climate action and co-organized the International Conference on Local Climate Action: Local Governments Driving Transformation (

At adelphi Consult, Berlin, Anna worked on behalf of the German Environment Agency (UBA), on improving and advancing internationally recognized standards on CSR and due diligence in the extractives sector with an emphasis on minimizing its ecological and social impacts as well as developing recommendations for coherent national policies.

Contact: anna.bach(at)


Board Members

The Board of the association includes three people who, in their personal capacity, provide guidance to the MSP Institute’s work: Ulrike Röhr, Marianne Henkel, and Dr. Markus Sperka.