Making MSPs Work for the SDGs: summary, presentations, agenda

Summary of the workshop2017 08 30 Summary_MSPWorkshop_July2017

Agenda2017 07 15 MSP_Workshop_Agenda_Overview

Participants2017 07 21 MSPs-for-SDGs_Workshop_Participants


Minu Hemmati, MSP Institute: Opening & Intro
Minu Hemmati_MSPs-for-SDGs_Opening

Felix Dodds, Tellus Institute: A History of the UN’s Involvement in MSPs
Felix Dodds_A history of the UN’s involvement in MSPs_MSPs-for-SDGs_Workshop_Jul2017

Susan Brown, Gavi – The Vaccine Alliance: Partnerships for Health
Susan Brown_Gavi_Partnerships for Health_MSPs-for-SDGs_Workshop_Jul2017

Mike Wisheart, World Vision: Building Individual Capacities for MSPs:
Mike Wiseheart_Building Capacity_MSPs-for-SDgs_Workshop_Jul2017

Carina Lindberg, OECD: Partnerships and Policy Coherence – Building Institutional Capacities for SDG implementation
Carina Lindberg_MSPs-for-SDGs_Workshop_Jul2017

Marianne Beisheim, SWP: Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships – Evaluation, Reporting, Review
Marianne Beisheim_MSPs-for-SDGs_Workshop_Jul2017

Herman Brouwer, CDI Wageningen: MSP Guide – Principles for MSPs
Herman Brouwer_MSP Guide Principles_MSPs-for-SDGs_Workshop_Jul2017

Minu Hemmati, MSP Institute: An MSP Charter – Principles for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Sustainable Development
Minu Hemmati_MSP Charter_MSPs-for-SDGs_Workshop_JUl2017